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ROUTE127 No.4-2

Do it yourself !
Brownie 120 film is processed into the best version 127.








1)The cutting unit was removed and the end edge was exchanged.。


2)It inserts in and is reliance about original 127 back paper (47mm width).


3)It tunes finely.



4)120 films are opened still more.


5)An opening label is used, after not tearing, but removing finely and keeping it.


6)A film is rolled round and it sets to a spool side firmly.



7)A tension is applied until the head of an edge wound up while pressing down so that it may not progress with the left-hand thumb shows up.


8)It checks that winding-up back paper goes out somewhat, and a lid is shut.


9)You may wind up rapidly.



10)Let's take out a film.
Has it run out?


11)and a label is very important -- it does not tear, but it removes and sticks again later.Since this is a thing like the directions document of development.


12)It is the same width checked once!



13)Let's press down the direction of 15mm which is not used for future work with the Scotch tape which changes obstructive.


14)It is convenient if you make such a paper pattern from pasteboard.


15)Back paper is cut off for 127 spools with some margin a little.



16)Yes, it was able to do.


17)Let's wind and stick the end label like the point first.


18)it is at the beginning of a volume -- it is not distorted firmly -- as -- hard -- !



19)It is hard!


20)Although it is the work in the dark back after this and I show particularly this time.


21)【Work in the dark back】
The film end which is the first difficulty is involved in by groping.



22)【Work in the dark back】
and -- this -- moving -- ! KYUKKYUTSU! an axis is pressed down on the left and a spool is drawn through hand on the right -- hard -- changing -- steps -- it should change pleasantly


23)【Work in the dark back】
Back paper and a film surely shift on the relation of the circumference.If this is not rectified, a problem will occur, and if this portion is not fixed, it grows into an unsavory thing!


21)It removes and sticks again.As long as it presses down firmly, you may take out from the dark back.



22)Mind is not loosened to the last, but it rolls round firmly, and a portion as well as an end is cut at the beginning of a volume.


23)The last is fixed with a front label by return.It is unnecessary when setting to a camera immediately.


24)If it covers to aluminum foil when saving



25)It seems that condition is very well.


26)round and round!


27)Let's get a pure box so that a film kind may not be missed.



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